The Band

Photo by Gary Robertson, Jarrah Film (2016)

Melbourne’s Lazarus Mode uphold the city’s outstanding tradition of larger-than-life, no-bullshit hard rock. Having spent the last few years earning their stripes as a live band in Australia’s most sacred venues, the four-piece have bunkered down in the studio with Ermin Hamidovic (Periphery, Devin Townsend Project, Animals As Leaders) to come out all guns blazing with their upcoming debut album The Darkest Sun.

From start to finish, The Darkest Sun is a testament to all that makes hard rock one of the most enduring genres.

Forming in 2013, Lazarus Mode have spent their time writing and touring in the lead up to hitting the studio with Ermin. The road miles have paid off. The band’s chemistry is apparent in how fluid and tight they play, and their style is a blistering meld of classic and modern. Distilling this into a potent mix, Ermin has captured the size and energy of Lazarus Mode’s live sound for the album.

From the full-throttle rock anthems of Before I Go Insane, One Last Try and Poison Of The Land, to the mellower moments of My Mistakes and Brightest Circle Of Stars, Lazarus Mode’s debut album is a non-stop rock odyssey. Themes of new beginnings drive Lazarus Mode, right down to their name, and The Darkest Sun reflects on a personal journey that led to a state of rebirth. Fans of hard rock have everything they need in abundance: huge drums, huge bass, huge guitars, huge vocals. All wrapped up in songs loaded with fist-in-the-air hooks.

Following on from their 2014 Ignite EP, Lazarus Mode have put everything into their debut album. The Darkest Sun is the kind of record that hard rock fans can’t get enough of – the songs, the playing and the production are all cranked up to capacity – just as it needs to be. With this accomplishment in hand, Lazarus Mode are ready to hit the road and earn their place among Australia’s best bands.

Awesome live show, full of energy – all round solid rock band!
– Ben Sarros, Premier Artists
If you haven’t seen or heard of them yet, do yourself a favour and check them out. These guys are well on the way to being one of Australia’s finest original rock bands.
– Paul Zourkas, Music Man Megastore, Bendigo.
…just confirms the reason we were all there in the first place: because live music makes us feel good”
– Dennis (Fan).